Emissions data analytics.

FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence (FCI) applies the unique, diverse and sweeping datasets that power SONAR to derive insight into carbon emissions.

Calculate the carbon impact of individual lanes and analyze an entire network's carbon footprint via FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence.

FreightWaves Supply Chain Intelligence users will have access through Carbon Intelligence to advanced emissions management insights, particularly facility, lane, and network-level CO2 emissions for truckload transportation.

Supply Chain Intelligence will further show these core metrics:

  • Total freight spend
  • Number of lanes analyzed
  • Load count for the dataset
  • Number of unique origins and destinations analyzed
  • Total mileage
  • Total spend at risk
  • Overpaying or underpaying, denoted as Over Exposure or Under Exposure
FW Carbon Intelligence Dashboard

Who can use FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence?

FreightWaves SCI clients have access FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence. FCI's emissions benchmarking, analytics, monitoring, and forecasting capabilities are built on the same platform as the Supply Chain Intelligence RFP management tool.

  • Benchmark carbon emissions against your company's sustainability goals
  • Analyze the carbon footprint of individual facilities, lanes, or an entire network
  • Monitor changes to your emissions as volumes and lanes develop through a cycle
  • Forecast the impact of new facilities, customers, suppliers, or higher volumes on CO2 emissions

Why build Carbon Intelligence for shippers?

The answer is simple: to bring transparency to shippers' transportation networks and help them achieve their goals.

FreightWaves Supply Chain Intelligence already has powerful tools for ingesting freight data down to the transaction level and benchmarking rates and service against the market. The new Carbon Intelligence layer increases shippers' visibility into the impact of their decisions, and helps them consider carbon as a variable when designing their network and modal strategies.

Calculating the total emissions for each lane can be burdensome and time-consuming, much like annual RFP processes. FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence unifies supply chain management strategies with RFPs and ESG together within SONAR SCI (Supply Chain Intelligence). Together, the FreightWaves SONAR tech stack grows smarter with time and able to help more enterprises make an actionable impact on the market.

Users will follow the standard CSV file upload, or they may integrate FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence, within SONAR SCI, with their TMS via API. The data can be then analyzed and broken down, shared throughout the enterprise or otherwise used to build a more ESG-focused strategy for overarching supply chain management.

FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence empowers shippers with limited insight into carrier activities and their impact on the environment through emissions. For the first time, the data comes together to paint a total transportation optimization strategy across SCI and FCI together.